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Twello | NL

MJK Pedal Set

MJK Simracing is currently busy finishing the first series of new pedals.

  • The brake pedal is equipped with a hydraulic brake pump. The maximum brake pressure is adjustable between 20 and 100 Kg. The stroke (travel) of the brake pedal is infinitely adjustable from soft to hard, and the stroke can be limited mechanically with the adjustable end stop. This creates a two-stage braking system so that the brake pressure still increases and the pedal is not pushed further away. (oil is not compressible)
  • The accelerator pedal is equipped with a load cell that senses the pressure of the spring of the accelerator pedal and ensures that a nice linear line is created in the accelerator pedal.
  • The electronics come from Leobodnar and can be connected directly to the PC with a USB cable. The plugs are robust and the stainless steel housing can be attached to the aluminum profiles of the Rig.

The pedals are set up on multiple setups in Twello (Netherlands) and can be tested by appointment.

The clutch pedal is still under development and will soon be an option as well.

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